Linaë® PURE - Processing capacity of water purification units

The drinking water processing capacity of Linaë® Pure‘s water purification units are 1 m3, 3 m3, 5m3, 10 m3, 20 m3 ou 30 m3 per hour.

Determination of the drinking water production capacity

The determination of the production capacity of a Linaë® Pure unit is depending on the drinking water needs of the population served, the number of people served, the daily operating time and the possibility of storage of produced water.

Drinking water needs are largely based on context:

  • Managing an emergency situation: ensure the basic needs, the medium-term subsistence or a long-term lasting solution integrating less essential needs;
  • Ensuring the provision of drinking water for temporary needs. For example, the water supply of the base of life of sites or mining activities;
  • Ensure the permanent provision of drinking water necessary for everyday living: local authorities, residential areas, islands, villages, hotels, yachting, etc.

Examples of water consumption for domestic needs

In France, the average water consumption per person and per day is 150 liters. It is higher in the southern districts than in the northern.

In an emergency, the water needs are linked to priorities as shown in the diagram of the hierarchy of water requirements here below (Source Standards Sphère, OMS, 2013).