Industrial water recycling

Many industrial sectors such as food, wood / paper (printing), nuclear, textile, etc.. consume hundreds of cubic meters of water per day and rejects all. The water supply but also the liberation of these wastewaters has a cost which can be very expensive.

In this problem, the Linae INDUSTRY ® brand responds by suggesting and advocating its products of industrial water recycling. These are designed to treat wastewater in order to reuse. The outcome of this industrial water recycling result by a diminution of the consumption of water from companies and of their collection and rejection costs.

Indeed, according to the principle “polluter / payer” applied by the French water agencies, industries pay the price by releasing high level of pollutant and therefore deteriorating natural receptors. Fees imposed on industries are even more important than their releases and are intended to encourage them to manage and reduce their emissions. This measure was taken to meet problems water pollution and is based on the law: LEMA (law ​​on water and aquatic environments), which was introduced in France (and Europe) for set up “the good condition water and aquatic environments for 2015.

Operating principle of industrial water recycling to produce the desired water quality from effluent