Linaë® INDUSTRY - Decontamination of wastewater

Some industries are connected to public networks collection (WWTP : wastewater treatment plant) under the application of a discharge authorization (which is mandatory). However, others reject their chlorinated solvents, their chemical baths (from scientific laboratory, photographic, print shops, etc..) and their heavy metals in the adjoining waters which causes severe pollution of water environments.

Dépollution des eaux de rejet

It becomes urgent to find a solution to make a decontamination of wastewater and limit the degradation of water, first natural resource on the planet. Hence Linae ® brand offers and strongly recommends to industries to endow units treatment Linae ® INDUSTRY, particularly suitable in cleaning up wastewater, downstream of their process allowing  to treat polluted wastewater before reject them.

Further, to invest in a unit treatment Linae ® INDUSTRY provide a financial gain for company because buying or collect water from groundwater or surface and its treatment is very expensive.

Operating principle of the decontamination of wastewater to reach the desire effluent quality before discharge into the environment