Linaë® PURE - The context

For a century, the population on Earth has been multiplied by 4. We went from 1.7 billion in 1900 to 7 billion in 2011. This rapid evolution causes a major problem of drinking water supply and the question of drinking water treatment has an important issue in many parts of the world …

Potabilisation de l'eau

Earth is indeed covered in 72% water but 97% of this water is salty. For the remaining 3% of water, 2% is in the form of ice, it therefore remains only 1% of fresh water in liquid form. Over its distribution is very uneven. Indeed, 10 countries share 60% ​​of the reserve while many others face significant shortages.

Today, in the world, seven people die every minute due to a lack of access to drinking water. These deaths are due to a water stress and/or to a contamination of surface waters.

In this context, Linaë® PURE range provides customized, modular, stand-alone and adaptable solutions which meet the needs for drinking water, while taking in account economical and enviromental parameters.