Membrane filtration is the main process of Linae solutions.

Other physico-chemical treatments are may be added, depending on the water to be treated and the required level of filtering



 Membranaire filtration

  • Reverse osmosis : 0,1 to 1 nm
  • Nanofiltration : 1 to 10 nm
  • Ultrafiltration : 10 to 100 nm
  • Microfiltration : 100 to 1000 nm

technique de résine échangeuse d'ions

Ion exchange resins

  • Selective elimination of harmful ions
  • Demineralization, softening and purification

désinfection de l'eau

Disinfection by chlorination

  • Elimination of bacteria, microbes, pathogens
  • Long-term disinfection

traitement biocide par lampe UV

Biocide treatment with UV lamp

    • Elimination of bacteria, microbes, pathogens
  • Temporary disinfection

technqiue de minéralisation


  • Percolation through a mineral loaded in calcium and magnesium.
  • Addition of mineral into purified water


Coagulation and flocculation

  • Coagulation and agglomeration of the suspended particles, removal by decantation.
  • Elimination of turbidity (suspended particles).

absorption sur charbon actif

Adsorption on activated carbon

  • Filtration through activated carbon
  • Removal of taste and odor