29 June 2016

Sanitation and water authority of Puy-en-Velay (France): installation of a surface water treatment unit for the production of drinkable water.

The catchment of the Barret source, located in the municipality of Sanssac l’Église, supplies water for human consumption to the villages of Driaude, Lonnac, Sanssac Bourg, Coyac, Farreyrolles, le Zouave and a part of Les Estrays in the municipality of Polignac. The daily pumping is varying from 200 to 350 m3 per day.

The hydro-geological configuration of the resource makes it vulnerable to pollution of agricultural origin but also subject at the occurrence of turbidity spikes during rainfall events.

The sanitation and water authority of Puy-en-Velay, which ensures the competence in sanitation has chosen Linaë® for the achievement of an additional water treatment unit in order to deliver, whatever the weather, a water in compliance with regulations, and specifically regarding the turbidity level.

The maximum delivery rate of this unit is 30 m3/hour, considering that the maximum authorized pumping rate is 518 m3/day.

The Linaë PURE unit has been manufactured and installed by E.ITEC®, the owner of the trademark Linaë®.